The School and Childhood Department

Contact information
School and Childhood Department Manager: Jorunn Lunde Jenssen
Telephone: +47 6696 4390/4396

The School and Childhood Department is responsible for:

Day care centres, primary schools, after-school activity centres, the School in the Outdoors, Nesodden Culture School, the Intro Centre, the Training and Activity Centre (OAS), Pedagogic Psychological Service (PPT) and the Section for youth and leisure activities in Nesodden municipality.

We have 9 municipal day care centres and 16 private day care centres, as well as 9 family-operated day care centres.

We have 9 municipal primary schools, as well as a private Rudolf Steiner school.

The key tasks of the School and Childhood Department are:

  • To provide day care under municipal or private auspices for all children who are entitled to admission to a day care centre
  • To provide primary schooling for all children and after-school activities for pupils in grades 1 - 4
  • To provide training in the Norwegian language and society (civics) for participants in the introduction programme and for other immigrants. Provide special education for people with disabilities and other adults entitled in accordance with the Education Act.
  • To provide preschool-age children with disabilities, pupils with disabilities in municipal and private primary schools and adults with disabilities an individualised offering based on the each person's rights according to the Education Act.
  • To provide after-school activities for youth in recreational clubs, the youth café and the music workshop
  • To provide educational opportunities in music, dance, drama and visual arts for children, youth and adults through the municipal culture school.