The Health and Care Department

The Health and Care Department provides service to the community in connection with admission to nursing homes, home assistance and nursing needs and residential assistance.

Nursing homes

Nesoddtunet bo- og servicesenter has long-term and short-term spaces.

Address: Håkonskastet 25, 1453 Bjørnemyr.

Contact: Nursing homes.


Short-term and rehabilitation accommodation is granted to people who, following hospitalisation, will be able to live at home again after a short inpatient convalescence. This is commonly a period of 2 - 3 weeks.


Long-term stay is granted when the need for assistance is so extensive that in-home services are not sufficient, and all other relevant assistance measures have been tried.


In-home services

Home nursing
is granted to residents of the municipality in acute need of assistance or residents who have a chronic illness which entails the need for nursing in their own home.


Home assistance
Assistance is evaluated on the basis of the situation for each individual. The applicant must have a temporary or permanent need for practical assistance (help) due to illness, disabilities or other causes.


Meal delivery
This service is for the elderly residing at home or people with disabilities who, due to illness, age or other causes are unable to provide for their own nutritional needs.


Security alarms
are distributed to applicants who have an illness / disability which entails a risk of falling or a potential need of immediate assistance. Users wear the security alarm in order to be able to hail assistance in acute situations.


Mental health service for adults (persons over 18 years)
is geared toward helping people suffering from mental disorders to better cope with the demands of everyday living and to improve the quality of their lives. 
Mental health service for adults have an activity center for people who need support and social contact.


Residential and relief services

Day care for adults / elderly people
is provided for applicants who live in their own homes and whose ability to care for themselves is reduced. The family or regular care-givers must have a need for temporary relief.


Relief for children / youth
Bergertoppen is a relief centre and a residential facility for people with multiple disabilities. The relief centre offers a «breather» for families with children and youth who have disabilities.


Staffed residences are open to persons over 18 years, who have extensive needs for care and assistance (people with disabilities).
Each residence is owned / rented by each individual resident. The deposit and rental expenses vary from residence to residence.


Contact information

To request service, an application (PDF, 185 kB) (in Norwegian) must be sent to our allocation team. Address: Nesodden kommune, Tildelingsteamet, Postboks 144, 1451 Nesoddtangen.


If you need help filling out the application form, please contact the Nesodden Service Centre or contact one of our consultants in the allocation team at telephone +47 6696 4677.The allocation team is available via telephone 1000 - 1400 Monday - Friday.


The allocation team receives and processes all applications and inquiries about nursing and care services.
The team collects the necessary data and information, making an assessment visit where appropriate and then formulates a decision on the matter.