The Culture Department

Facts about the Culture Department

Our goal is to help create good arenas and facilitate positive athletic and cultural experiences for the entire population.


Contact information:

Kultursjef Ellen Knutsen


The Culture Department is responsible for two major annual events: Kulturisten (the Culturalist), which takes place over a fortnight in September, bringing together a great number of participating artists from Nesodden (see; and a Christmas event which takes place at the beginning of the advent season, a meeting place with a Christmas bazaar and musical entertainment by local choirs and bands.

In addition, we support events organised by private parties, groups and associations in the Nesodden municipality, and which are open to the general public.
We also provide grants to groups and associations which activate children and youth between the ages of 5 and 19 years.
Together with the Nesodden Council for Public Enlightenment and DnBNOR bank, we award an annual scholarship of NOK 50,000 in support of those who make a particular contribution to promote sports and/or culture in our municipality.

The Culture Department manages two of the buildings on Nesodden's recreational islands, Steilene. During the summer season we organise the rental of the buildings and the operation of the boat Undine.

Information about activities and events in Nesodden is available under "Hva skjer" (What's on).


The Head of Culture is reasonsible for the library, community centre, activity leader at the Ekelund Senior Centre / FIF building, and the Nesodden business and industry consultant.