Nesodden kommune

Tel: +47 6696 4300

Nesodden kommune is your centre for municipal information. This is where you can obtain general information from the various departments as well as information about individual matters which are of public interest. In addition,

We are located in Tangenten, Kongleveien 2, opposite of the shopping centre.
You can also contact us by telephoning +47 6696 4300

Opening hours:   0800 - 1530


  • Ask us about almost anything, and get assistance on how to proceed with your inquiry.
  • Find all application forms (søknadsskjemaer - in Norwegian) and brochures relating to municipal services.
  • Get help filling out application forms.
  • Obtain information about real estate property from the national cadastre
  • Find case documents for municipal political Meetings.
  • Test your knowledge (kunnskapsprøve) - with regard to the Alcohol Act 
  • Test your knowledge (kunnskapsprøve) of the Food Act (new businesses)