Emergency room - immediate care

Medisinsk nødhjelp 113


For immediate help: Dial 113


If you need to consult a physician today, contact your regular family doctor (GP).
If your GP is not available, call the National emergency telephone: +47 116 117.

A registered nurse at the Follo emergency room evaluates incoming calls and refers patients to the physician on duty in Nesodden.


On weekdays from 0700 til 1800 hours

emergency care in Nesodden is administered by the regular GPs in their own offices.

From 1800 to 0700 hours and weekends:

Call the Follo emergency room, Tel. +47 116 117.
Patients must proceed to the Follo emergency room at Ski Hospital.



In case of acute, serious illness of a nature which precludes public transportation, the patient may be transported in a taxi or ambulance. However, this must always be clarified with the emergency services in advance. The National Insurance will then cover the cost of transport by taxi or ambulance; the patient pays only the patient's fee.
In very special cases, the physician will make a house call.