Business in Nesodden Municipality

Facts about Nesodden's business sector

Nesodden has little business and industry in relation to its population. However, there has been an annual growth of 1% in the number of workplaces throughout the period 2003-2008.

Nesodden municipality and Sunnaas hospital are the largest employers, and together accounted for over 40 % of all jobs on Nesodden in 2008.

Approx. 4,300 of the population had employment within the municipality in 2008, while approx. 4,700 were employed outside of the municipality.

The very large share of commuters out of Nesodden (52,3% net commuting in 2008) indicates a thriving, flexible business climate in Oslo, but it also presents environmental and social challenges. Nesodden municipality is therefore working to create more jobs within our boundaries.

Attractive place to live
Nesodden is also a particularly attractive municipality within which to establish residence (ranked as No. 30 of all municipalities in Norway). Therefore we have a far higher net increase in population than what would correspond to new jobs.

In relation to population growth (the population of Nesodden has more than doubled from 1960 to 2009) the municipality and its businesses have a major challenge to create enough new jobs to maintain balance - especially to facilitate new jobs in the culture and expertise sector.

A lack of premises and available land has limited Nesodden's business growth in recent years.

Artists and higher education
Approximately 15% of Norway's artists live in Nesodden, and 39,1% of the population have education at the university or college level. Nesodden is ranked as the 6th best municipality in Norway in relation to the level of education.

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