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Our Information Centre  at Nesodden community centre Tangenten, Kongleveien 2, tel. 66 96 43 00, receives visits, requests and telephone calls. They will put you in contact with the proper office if they cannot help you directly. 


Do you have questions or suggestions regarding our website, please contact our Editor / Webmaster.

Schoolportal/skoleportal - the new site for the schools on Nesodden 

Mail to Nesodden municipality
We would like all mail and e-mail to be adressed to our main address, so that we can direct it to the right officer and file it properly.
You should be aware that all mail to and from the municipality is public, and everybody can ask to see it, if it is does not contain sensitive personal information. We publish the mail lists with date, title, sender and receiver.


Nesodden kommune, 
xxxx department 
PO Box 123 
1451 Nesoddtangen




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